Research Topics

Biological Computing
–       Modeling Darwin and Neo-darwinian Concepts
–       Modeling and generating plant and animal architecture
–       Network properties of organic chemicals, cells, and organisms
–       Ecological and parasitic network communities
–       Contagion and disease

Social Computing
–       Modeling and generating human social networks and systems
–       Large graph and network properties
–       Sociological and political networks, network communities
–       Measures of centrality
–       Hieder balance theory
–       Traffic and transportation networks

Wisdom of the Crowd
–     Identifying Communities
–       Games and economies, electronic auctions and markets
–       Ranking, Influence, and Recommendations
–       Critics and reviewers
–       Partnerships and Cross-community Aggregation
–       Networks of trust, fraud detection
–       Diffusion of ideas, dissemination

Social Network Growth and Evolution
–       Internet and web evolution models
–       Online social networks, social news, blogs and wiki networks
–       Web surveys, internet marketing, computational advertising
–       Peer to peer networks, filesharing, bitcoin

Network Analysis and Applied Combinatorics

–       Cayley graphs and symmetry group actions
–       Isomorphisms and automorphisms
–       Planarity and embedding graphs on surfaces
–       Graph drawing
–       Mazes and labyrinths
–       Applications of Burnsides Lemma and Polya Method
–       Combinatorial Games
–       Gray codes, Latin squares, Permutation Arrays
–       Error correcting and network codes

Parallel Computing
–       GPGPU Computing
–       CUDA Development
–       Algorithms
–       Interconnection Networks



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