Parallel Programming

Lecture 1:  Introduction to Parallel Computing CS 6068-Lec1

Notes on multi-threaded parallel code in Clojure:

Homework#1: Produce a rendering of a computationally intensive image using a parallel programming platform. Due Monday September 7.

Quiz: CS6068-Quiz for Week 2

Lecture 2 Parallel Programming Design Patterns CS6068-Lec2

Homework#2: Produce a new rule for ant colony simulation, and analyze its potential impact on concurrency and parallel implementation performance. Implement your rule by modifying the Ant Colony Simulation ants.clj program in the Clojure language. Due Monday September 14.


David Patterson’s ‘Future of Computer Architecture’ and Parallel Computing Apps

Herb Sutter’s ‘Welcome to the Jungle’

Parallel Programming Concepts (MIT Open Notes)

Lecture 3 Data Parallelism  CS 6068-Week3a-F2015

CS6068-Quiz for Week3

Homework #3

Lecture 4- Matrix Multiplication, Parallel Scans CS6068-Week4-F2014

CS6068-Quiz for Week 4


Lecture 5 Sparse Matrices, Iteration cs6068-Week5a-2015




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