Learn Clojure

Schedule of Topics: Experimental Combinatorics CS7083

Week #1: Introduction to Clojure

Week #2: Clojure’s Persistent Data and Structure Sharing

Week #3: Clojure’s Core Abstractions

Week #4: Generating Discrete Combinatorial Objects in Clojure

Week #5: Generating Continuous Data: Sound Synthesis using Overtone and Clojure

Week #6: Random Graphs in Clojure

Week #7: Generating Barabasi-Albert (Rich-Get-Richer) Random Graphs in Clojure 

Week #8: Conway’s Game of Life in Clojure

Week #9: Multi-threaded Parallel Code in Clojure

Week #10: Zipper Lib for Persistent Trees in Clojure

Week #11:Concurrent Programming Examples


Experimental Combinatorics Courses and Resources

Clojure Labs

Clojure Programming Quiz #1

Clojure Programming Quiz #2



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