Learn CS1
  1. An Introduction to Computer Science 2016

  2. What every Computer Scientist should know about Software Development

  3. Learn Emacs for C++ Software Development

  4. Several Common Runtime Errors in C++

  5. Fundamental Control Structures in C++

  6. Fixed Points and Functional Iteration in C++

  7. Simple Logistic Map in C++ and Visualization in Python

  8. Translating Programs between Python and C++

  9. A Basic C++ Game Design

  10. A Basic C++ Animation/Simulation

    a. PPT on C++ Functions and Parameter Passing
     b.PPT on Arrays (Gaddis Chap 7)

  11. For-Loop Patterns Over Arrays in C++

  12. Basic File Processing Operations in C++

  13. Binary Search Algorithm: Procedural and Recursive

  14. Bringing Order to Lists and the Billboard Top 100 in C++

  15. Important Software Bugs in C++

  16. Introduction to Modules and OOP

  17. A Slice of Pi: ADTs and Operator Overloading

  18. A Deck of Cards Simulation using Python Classes and Objects

  19. Ants Versus Somebees: A CS1 OOP Project

  20. Introduction to Recursive Functions and Drawing n-Dimensional Cubes in Complex Plane

  21. Stacking the Deck: Data Structures and Class Composition

  22. Monte Carlo Simulation in Python

  23. Event Driven Programming

  24. Networking and Web Frameworks


Course Notes and Postings:

Here is a link for a recommended personalized emacs configuration: init.el – Try it and let me know if it works for you. Labs and Homework Assignments will be submitted on BB.

Lab Assignments:

Unix Labs:  

Lab #1-CS1021C-2016

Lab #2 – CS1021C – 2016 Computing Gas Mileage and Formatting Floats

Lab #3: A Simple Game of Chance

Lab #4: File Processing

Lab #5: Array Processing and Intro to Pointers

Lab#6: Cannonball Simulation Game

Lab#7: Operator Overloading

Lab#8: Recursion 

Lab#9: Class Composition

Lab#10: Event-driven Programming



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