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CS2021 – Python Programming Course Schedule and Notes

Week 1 (Aug 26) : PyProg Part I: The Beginning
Installing and Developing Python

Python-the whole language in 140 slides


Homework #1

Week 2 (September 2): PyProg Chapter 1 Preview

Week 3(September 9): PyProg Part II – System Programming

Week 4 (September 16) Systems Programming cont.

Week 5 (September 23): PyProg Part III- GUI Programming

Week 6 (September 30): GUI Programming cont.

Week 7 (October 7): PyProg Part IV- Internet Programming

Week 8(October 14): Internet Programming cont.

Week 9 (October 21): Py-C Integration and SciPy Programming

Week 10 (October 27): SciPy Programming Cont.

Week 11 (November 4): Web Development

Week 12 (November 11): Web Development cont.

Week 13 (November 18) Final Project Presentations

Week 14 (November 25) Final Project Presentation



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