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Clojure Concurrency

Refs and Transactions

TWhile Vars ensure safe use of mutable storage locations via thread isolation, transactional references (Refs) ensure safe shared use of mutable storage locations via a software transactional memory (STM) system. Refs are bound to a single storage location for their lifetime, and only allow mutation of that location to occur within a transaction.

Clojure transactions should be easy to understand if you’ve ever used database transactions – they ensure that all actions on Refs are atomic, consistent, and isolated. Atomic means that every change to Refs made within a transaction occurs or none do. Consistent means that each new value can be checked with a validator function before allowing the transaction to commit. Isolated means that no transaction sees the effects of any other transaction while it is running. Another feature common to STMs is that, should a transaction have a conflict while running, it is automatically retried.



In this example a vector of references to vectors is created, each containing (initially sequential) unique numbers. Then a set of threads are started that repeatedly select two random positions in two random vectors and swap them, in a transaction. No special effort is made to prevent the inevitable conflicts other than the use of transactions.

(defn run [nvecs nitems nthreads niters]
  (let [vec-refs (vec (map (comp ref vec)
                           (partition nitems (range (* nvecs nitems)))))
        swap #(let [v1 (rand-int nvecs)
                    v2 (rand-int nvecs)
                    i1 (rand-int nitems)
                    i2 (rand-int nitems)]
                 (let [temp (nth @(vec-refs v1) i1)]
                   (alter (vec-refs v1) assoc i1 (nth @(vec-refs v2) i2))
                   (alter (vec-refs v2) assoc i2 temp))))
        report #(do
                 (prn (map deref vec-refs))
                 (println "Distinct:"
                          (count (distinct (apply concat (map deref vec-refs))))))]
    (dorun (apply pcalls (repeat nthreads #(dotimes [_ niters] (swap)))))

When run, we see no values get lost or duplicated in the shuffle:

(run 100 10 10 100000)

([0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9] [10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19] ...
 [990 991 992 993 994 995 996 997 998 999])
Distinct: 1000

([382 318 466 963 619 22 21 273 45 596] [808 639 804 471 394 904 952 75 289 778] ...
 [484 216 622 139 651 592 379 228 242 355])
Distinct: 1000

A lock-free solution to the classic dining philosophers problem via
ref: http://www.bestinclass.dk/blog/dining-philosophers-the-4th-solution

(def rounds         (ref 100))
(def philosophers   (doall (map #(agent %) (repeat 5 0))))
(def forks          (doall (map #(ref [% true]) (range (count philosophers)))))
(def logger         (agent 0))

(defn log-announce  [_ id msg r]
  (println id \space msg "(" r ")")

(defn my-forks [id]
  (map #(nth (cycle forks) (+ (count forks) %)) [id (dec id)]))

(my-forks 0) ;=> ((#<Ref@: [0 true]> #<Ref@: [4 true]>) 

(defn got-forks?  [id]
  (every? #(= true (second (deref %))) (my-forks id)))

(got-forks? 0) ; => true

(defn handle-forks [id action]
  (doseq [fork (my-forks id)]
    (ref-set fork [(first @fork) (condp = action :take false :release true)])))

(defn behave [a id]
  (dosync                           ; Initiate transaction
   (when (pos? (ensure rounds))     ; Is there more food?
     (if (> 5 (rand-int 10))        ; Do I want to eat or think?
       (when (got-forks? id)        ; Are both of my forks available?
           (handle-forks id :take)
           (alter rounds dec)
           (send-off logger log-announce id "ate      " @rounds)
           (handle-forks id :release))
       (send-off logger log-announce id "thinks   " @rounds))
     (send-off *agent* behave id)))) ; Repeat above

(doseq [i (range (count philosophers))]
  (send logger log-announce i "being sent off to dinner" @rounds)
  (send-off (nth philosophers i) behave i))

Rich Hickey’s Ant Colony Sim Demo

(ns ants)
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ant sim ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
;   Copyright (c) Rich Hickey. All rights reserved.
;   The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
;   Common Public License 1.0 (http://opensource.org/licenses/cpl.php)
;   which can be found in the file CPL.TXT at the root of this distribution.
;   By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
;   the terms of this license.
;   You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.

;dimensions of square world
(def dim 80)
;number of ants = nants-sqrt^2
(def nants-sqrt 7)
;number of places with food
(def food-places 35)
;range of amount of food at a place
(def food-range 100)
;scale factor for pheromone drawing
(def pher-scale 20.0)
;scale factor for food drawing
(def food-scale 30.0)
;evaporation rate
(def evap-rate 0.99)

(def animation-sleep-ms 100)
(def ant-sleep-ms 40)
(def evap-sleep-ms 1000)

(def running true)

(defstruct cell :food :pher) ;may also have :ant and :home

;world is a 2d vector of refs to cells
(def world
     (apply vector
            (map (fn [_]
                   (apply vector (map (fn [_] (ref (struct cell 0 0)))
                                      (range dim))))
                 (range dim))))

(defn place [[x y]]
  (-> world (nth x) (nth y)))

(defstruct ant :dir) ;may also have :food

(defn create-ant
  "create an ant at the location, returning an ant agent on the location"
  [loc dir]
    (sync nil
      (let [p (place loc)
            a (struct ant dir)]
        (alter p assoc :ant a)
        (agent loc))))

(def home-off (/ dim 4))
(def home-range (range home-off (+ nants-sqrt home-off)))

(defn setup
  "places initial food and ants, returns seq of ant agents"
  (sync nil
    (dotimes [i food-places]
      (let [p (place [(rand-int dim) (rand-int dim)])]
        (alter p assoc :food (rand-int food-range))))
     (for [x home-range y home-range]
         (alter (place [x y])
                assoc :home true)
         (create-ant [x y] (rand-int 8)))))))

(defn bound
  "returns n wrapped into range 0-b"
  [b n]
    (let [n (rem n b)]
      (if (neg? n)
        (+ n b)

(defn wrand
  "given a vector of slice sizes, returns the index of a slice given a
  random spin of a roulette wheel with compartments proportional to
  (let [total (reduce + slices)
        r (rand total)]
    (loop [i 0 sum 0]
      (if (< r (+ (slices i) sum))
        (recur (inc i) (+ (slices i) sum))))))

;dirs are 0-7, starting at north and going clockwise
;these are the deltas in order to move one step in given dir
(def dir-delta {0 [0 -1]
                1 [1 -1]
                2 [1 0]
                3 [1 1]
                4 [0 1]
                5 [-1 1]
                6 [-1 0]
                7 [-1 -1]})

(defn delta-loc
  "returns the location one step in the given dir. Note the world is a torus"
  [[x y] dir]
    (let [[dx dy] (dir-delta (bound 8 dir))]
      [(bound dim (+ x dx)) (bound dim (+ y dy))]))

;(defmacro dosync [& body]
;  `(sync nil ~@body))

;ant agent functions
;an ant agent tracks the location of an ant, and controls the behavior of
;the ant at that location

(defn turn
  "turns the ant at the location by the given amount"
  [loc amt]
     (let [p (place loc)
           ant (:ant @p)]
       (alter p assoc :ant (assoc ant :dir (bound 8 (+ (:dir ant) amt))))))

(defn move
  "moves the ant in the direction it is heading. Must be called in a
  transaction that has verified the way is clear"
     (let [oldp (place loc)
           ant (:ant @oldp)
           newloc (delta-loc loc (:dir ant))
           p (place newloc)]
         ;move the ant
       (alter p assoc :ant ant)
       (alter oldp dissoc :ant)
         ;leave pheromone trail
       (when-not (:home @oldp)
         (alter oldp assoc :pher (inc (:pher @oldp))))

(defn take-food [loc]
  "Takes one food from current location. Must be called in a
  transaction that has verified there is food available"
  (let [p (place loc)
        ant (:ant @p)]
    (alter p assoc
           :food (dec (:food @p))
           :ant (assoc ant :food true))

(defn drop-food [loc]
  "Drops food at current location. Must be called in a
  transaction that has verified the ant has food"
  (let [p (place loc)
        ant (:ant @p)]
    (alter p assoc
           :food (inc (:food @p))
           :ant (dissoc ant :food))

(defn rank-by
  "returns a map of xs to their 1-based rank when sorted by keyfn"
  [keyfn xs]
  (let [sorted (sort-by (comp float keyfn) xs)]
    (reduce (fn [ret i] (assoc ret (nth sorted i) (inc i)))
            {} (range (count sorted)))))

(defn behave
  "the main function for the ant agent"
  (let [p (place loc)
        ant (:ant @p)
        ahead (place (delta-loc loc (:dir ant)))
        ahead-left (place (delta-loc loc (dec (:dir ant))))
        ahead-right (place (delta-loc loc (inc (:dir ant))))
        places [ahead ahead-left ahead-right]]
    (. Thread (sleep ant-sleep-ms))
     (when running
       (send-off *agent* #'behave))
     (if (:food ant)
       ;going home
        (:home @p)
          (-> loc drop-food (turn 4))
        (and (:home @ahead) (not (:ant @ahead)))
          (move loc)
          (let [ranks (merge-with +
                        (rank-by (comp #(if (:home %) 1 0) deref) places)
                        (rank-by (comp :pher deref) places))]
          (([move #(turn % -1) #(turn % 1)]
            (wrand [(if (:ant @ahead) 0 (ranks ahead))
                    (ranks ahead-left) (ranks ahead-right)]))
        (and (pos? (:food @p)) (not (:home @p)))
          (-> loc take-food (turn 4))
        (and (pos? (:food @ahead)) (not (:home @ahead)) (not (:ant @ahead)))
          (move loc)
          (let [ranks (merge-with +
                                  (rank-by (comp :food deref) places)
                                  (rank-by (comp :pher deref) places))]
          (([move #(turn % -1) #(turn % 1)]
            (wrand [(if (:ant @ahead) 0 (ranks ahead))
                    (ranks ahead-left) (ranks ahead-right)]))

(defn evaporate
  "causes all the pheromones to evaporate a bit"
   (for [x (range dim) y (range dim)]
      (let [p (place [x y])]
        (alter p assoc :pher (* evap-rate (:pher @p))))))))

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; UI ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
 '(java.awt Color Graphics Dimension)
 '(java.awt.image BufferedImage)
 '(javax.swing JPanel JFrame))

;pixels per world cell
(def scale 5)

(defn fill-cell [#^Graphics g x y c]
  (doto g
    (.setColor c)
    (.fillRect (* x scale) (* y scale) scale scale)))

(defn render-ant [ant #^Graphics g x y]
  (let [black (. (new Color 0 0 0 255) (getRGB))
        gray (. (new Color 100 100 100 255) (getRGB))
        red (. (new Color 255 0 0 255) (getRGB))
        [hx hy tx ty] ({0 [2 0 2 4]
                        1 [4 0 0 4]
                        2 [4 2 0 2]
                        3 [4 4 0 0]
                        4 [2 4 2 0]
                        5 [0 4 4 0]
                        6 [0 2 4 2]
                        7 [0 0 4 4]}
                       (:dir ant))]
    (doto g
      (.setColor (if (:food ant)
                  (new Color 255 0 0 255)
                  (new Color 0 0 0 255)))
      (.drawLine (+ hx (* x scale)) (+ hy (* y scale))
                (+ tx (* x scale)) (+ ty (* y scale))))))

(defn render-place [g p x y]
  (when (pos? (:pher p))
    (fill-cell g x y (new Color 0 255 0
                          (int (min 255 (* 255 (/ (:pher p) pher-scale)))))))
  (when (pos? (:food p))
    (fill-cell g x y (new Color 255 0 0
                          (int (min 255 (* 255 (/ (:food p) food-scale)))))))
  (when (:ant p)
    (render-ant (:ant p) g x y)))

(defn render [g]
  (let [v (dosync (apply vector (for [x (range dim) y (range dim)]
                                   @(place [x y]))))
        img (new BufferedImage (* scale dim) (* scale dim)
                 (. BufferedImage TYPE_INT_ARGB))
        bg (. img (getGraphics))]
    (doto bg
      (.setColor (. Color white))
      (.fillRect 0 0 (. img (getWidth)) (. img (getHeight))))
     (for [x (range dim) y (range dim)]
       (render-place bg (v (+ (* x dim) y)) x y)))
    (doto bg
      (.setColor (. Color blue))
      (.drawRect (* scale home-off) (* scale home-off)
                 (* scale nants-sqrt) (* scale nants-sqrt)))
    (. g (drawImage img 0 0 nil))
    (. bg (dispose))))

(def panel (doto (proxy [JPanel] []
                        (paint [g] (render g)))
             (.setPreferredSize (new Dimension
                                     (* scale dim)
                                     (* scale dim)))))

(def frame (doto (new JFrame) (.add panel) .pack .show))

(def animator (agent nil))

(defn animation [x]
  (when running
    (send-off *agent* #'animation))
  (. panel (repaint))
  (. Thread (sleep animation-sleep-ms))

(def evaporator (agent nil))

(defn evaporation [x]
  (when running
    (send-off *agent* #'evaporation))
  (. Thread (sleep evap-sleep-ms))

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; use ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
(load-file "/Users/rich/dev/clojure/ants.clj")
(def ants (setup))
(send-off animator animation)
(dorun (map #(send-off % behave) ants))
(send-off evaporator evaporation)


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