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The Real People of Steve Martin’s "An Object of Beauty"

I can highly recommend Steve Martin’s new novel “An Object of Beauty.”

The book is an inside look at the art world, mixing up the real and the imagined artists, dealers, collectors, side players and personalities. As I read the book, I kept thinking about wanting to see the paintings of the artists and learn more about their works and lives.

In one vivid scene, the narrator, Daniel Franks, attends a lecture at Boulud and describes the high-minded “way the art world was supposed to be: sophisticated, dressed, with a British accent and raconteur’s tongue.” The lecture and reception afterward was for John Richardson the renowned biographer of Picasso (John Richardson’s Picasso Biographies).

I enjoyed the book so much so that I was inspired to compile a list of wikipedia links to the real world people who populate this terrific and interesting book.

Ivan Aivazovsky
Milton Avery
Francis Bacon <!– Donald Batton –>
Bernard Berenson
Joseph Beuys
Mary Boone
Georges Braque
Bernard Buffet
Daniel Chester
Chuck Close
Arthur Dove
Marcel Duchamp
Max Ernst
Alfred Frankenstein
Tom Friedman
Larry Gagosian
Isabella Stewart Gardner
Stuart Gardner
Robert Gober
Vincent Van Gogh
Marian Goodman
Sally Gorton
Nancy Grossman
William Harnett
Robert Henri
John Hooker
Edward Hopper
James Joseph
Wassily Kandinsky
Donna Karan
Jeff Koons
Roy Lichtenstein
Matthew Marks
Robert Miller
Yue Minjun
Robert Motherwell
Maxfield Parrish
John Peto
Jackson Pollock
Max Protetch
John Richardson
Norman Rockwell
Andrea Rosen
Ed Ruscha
Charles Saatchi
Anatoly Sapronenkov
Peter Schjeldahl
Richard Serra
Larry Shar
John Singer Sargent
John Singleton Copley
Jan Steen
Baron Thyssen
James Tissot
John Updike
Andy Warhol
Frank Lloyd Wright
Feng Zhenj-Jie



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