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Twitter Searches -> Google Reader or Blog

Recently my son put up a tweet in which he complained about poor internet service by Cincinnati Bell. He soon after received a message by a company representative pointing him to customer service support. Follow-up messages were also sent to him. So apparently people/companies are following twitter carefully. So I wanted to try it myself. Here is my solution to get easy updates:

1. go to search.twitter.com and type in a keyword to follow, such as “Cincinnati”
2. at the top right of the results you will see a link “Feed for this query”
3. add this feed to your Google Reader or to your Blog (as you will see on right, I did this by adding an rss gadget in blog layout) and then follow what people are saying on Twitter.

Update: after speaking to some high-school students it appears that Twitter is not all that popular among young people, as compared to say Facebook. Whether spam will eventually kill Twitter is still an open question. I think filtering spam from Twitter may be a harder problem than filtering webpage search results.



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